Volunteer Openings

The Golden Retriever Club of America offers the following volunteer positions to our members. Complete job descriptions are available from the GRCA Secretary. All resumes should be submitted to the Secretary, Janet Peacock – 16 Desvio Ct, Pacifica CA 94044-4229 or by email to jepgr@aol.com

Junior Achievement Award Chair

GRCA Committee Job Description

Title: Junior Achievement Award Chair

  • Committee of: One
  • Committee Type:Ongoing
  • Contact Person/Organization: Board Liaison
  • GRCA Equipment: None
  • Materials/Booklets/List Necessary:None
  • Supplies Needed: Stationary, envelops, postage.

Characteristic/Talents Needed: An interest in children and their activities and accomplishments with Golden Retrievers.

Must see that a list of the requirements of the Junior Achievement Award is printed in the GRNews and sent to all GRCA delegates for a July deadline. Active solicitation for nominees through all other venues available. Review all applicants; send resumes for applicants to the Board Liaison for Board distribution and decision.