Health & Research

A. Before You Buy: Introduction to Golden Retriever Health

  1. Health Screening for the Parents of a Litter (hips, elbows, eyes, heart)
  2. Improving the Odds for Obtaining a Healthy Golden Puppy
  3. Understanding Cancer in Golden Retrievers
  4. Introduction to Pigmentary Uveitis
  5. Effects of Early Spay or Neuter in Golden Retrievers Used with permission from Purina

B. For New Owners, and Puppy or Adoption Packets

  1. Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Info for Puppy Buyers
  2. Pigmentary Uveitis Letter to Owners
  3. How to Participate in Cancer Research (for dog’s veterinary file)

C. Advanced Health Information

  1. Cancer
    1. Hemangiosarcoma FAQs
    2. Lymphoma and Hemangiosarcoma
    3. Early Cancer Detection Tests
  2. Elbow Dysplasia FAQs
  3. Eyes
    1. Experts Answer Pigmentary Uveitis Questions
    2. prcd-PRA
    3. Finding Genes for PRA and Ichthyosis
  4. Heart Disease: Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis (SAS) Used with permission of Purina
  5. Ichthyosis Used with permission of Purina
  6. Masticatory Muscle Myositis (MMM) Used with permission from Purina
  7. Bleeding Disorders
  8. Swallowing Problems
  9. Hypothyroidism
  10. Preventive Health Care
  11. Advances in Golden Retriever Health Research

D. Participation in Research

  1. How to Participate in Cancer Research (for dogs with hemangiosarcoma, lymphoma, osteosarcoma, mast cell tumor)
  2. How to Participate in Pigmentary Uveitis Research (for affected dogs and healthy seniors)
  3. PRA, Cataracts, and Iris Melanoma 
  4. Ectopic Ureter Study
  5. Juvenile Renal Dysplasia Study
  6. DNA Repository (for healthy dogs and dogs with disease)
  7. Participating in Research: General Tips and Information
  8. About Clinical Trials

E. Miscellaneous Information

  1. Vector Borne Diseases (from fleas and ticks)
    1. Protecting Your Golden from Flea and Tick Diseases
    2. Vector Borne Disease FAQs
  2. 1998 Scientific Health Survey Results
  3. OFA Electronic Health Survey
    1. Electronic Health Survey Results at 1 year
    2. Participate in Survey 

F. Useful Health-Related Links

  1. Health Resource Links