Illustrated Study Guide – Understanding the Breed Standard

The Judges’ Education Committee of the GRCA has various materials available for those wishing to further their understanding of the Golden Retriever. Consult for additional information. Some of these materials include:

DVD: The Golden Retriever, produced by Rachel Page Elliott for GRCA. Consult for order information.

Video/DVD: The Golden Retriever, produced by AKC 1991. 20 min. May be purchased from the American Kennel Club.

Booklet: A Study of the Golden Retriever. By Marcia R Schlehr.1994 edition; Softcover; 64 pages, dozens of illustrations, concise text covering all aspects of structure, movement, breed type and character for exhibitors, breeders, and judges. Consult for order information.

Booklet: An Introduction to the Golden Retriever, 75 page booklet produced by the GRCA General information about the breed, not specifically for judges. $5.00. It has a bibliography of books on the breed, addresses for further information. Consult for order information.

Download/Print the complete study guide below.